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Phylauren Records




The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is an American sports/fantasy comedy film that was released in 1979. The movie was directed by Gilbert Moses and co-produced

Worked with: Debbie Allen
Dee Dee Bridgewater
Bell & James
Worked along side: Stockard Channing, Gilbert Moses, Connie Hawkins
Jonathan Winters, Jack Kehoe, Eric Mercury, Dr. Julius Erving, The Silvers, Meadow Lark Lemon (Of the Harlem Globe Trotters)
Phylauren Music, & Publishing Co. Composes Tracks for TV, radio, documentaries, corporate videos, or programming that needs music. All music that comes out of Phylauren publishing house compose, and release the highest Quality Digitally "Mastered "music you will find. Located in Bloomfield Michigan. Can provide Jazz (of all types), Rock, R&B, Country, Alternative, Horrific, Serial, Dramatic, 50's, 60's, yep, even 70's period music, Rap, Anthemic, World Beat, Ethnic Corporate—in short, just about every kind of music to fit our clients needs, as well as voice-overs. All works created from Phylauren studios, I feel you will enjoy.

President Phylauen Inc.
Public Company; NWS; Internet industry
January 2003 – January 2009 (6 years 1 month)
Always very interested in any position that apply to adding music to film, or still photographs, commercial, or industrial Film work. My passions, and areas of expertise are writing full productions of music compositions all instruments, all genres. Voice overs for film and animations, as well as Songstress for music tracks of any kind, artist, Writer, Music Videos producer, digital photographer. I will do the best job for you, as well as meet any deadline put in front of me within reason or, advanced notice.
Phyllis Miller
P.O. Box
7694 Bloomfield MI.
Contact Information: green-planet@live.com

Song Title: Same Old Pain. A slide for Detroit. Titled: Detroit Is Dying Slide receives a wide viewing audience
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2009: Composed, Produced, arranged, Engineered a slide for The President Of The United Stated
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Writer, arranger, producer, Vocalist, Voice-over personality, engineer,
Digital home Recording studio
Digital still slide productions of events
Digital: camera
Presario Compaq computer
Beginner in animation artist

For work samples. I’m on Facebook under the name Phylauren. there are also samples of Phylauren Music at:

Phyllis & Lawrence CD Volume 1


Phylauren Music & Publishing Co. ASCAP
Phyllis & Lawrence ASCAP

Heaven Can Wait
Dedicated to Lawrence (Jean & Jayj) My One And Only Love...

For I have witnessed true love
A dream love
A forever after love all shall soon know of
Phyllis lbg