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claudio Pino




[color=rgb(51, 51, 51)]CLAUDIO PINO is a jewellery designer world renowned especially for his unique sculptural rings. The way he captures color is the source of inspiration for all of Pino’s designs. He juxtaposes icy silver with the warm glow of gold, calm green emeralds with vivid red rubies, complimented with the fresh hue of white pearls. Since 1999, Pino's collections have been shown at various international Festivals and Galleries such as SOFA New York, SOFA Chicago, PalmBeach3, JMA Hong Kong, Armelle Bertin-Toublanc Gallery Paris and at SNAG Conferences and exhibitions such as the "Putting the Band Back Together: The Ring Show" in Savannah and "Mechanic of Innovation" in Denver. In 2007, he received the Special Prize award at the Cheongju Biennale in South Korea and later, the Steel Trophy award « Best in Show 60 Years of MAG and the Year of Craft » from the Metal Arts Guild of Canada. In addition, his rings are included in the Lark Jewellery Books of 1000 Rings: Inspiring Adornments for the Hand, 500 Wedding Rings: Celebrating a Classic Symbol of Commitment and 500 Gemstone Jewels by the editor, Marthe Le Van. Claudio Pino's work is always recognized by the fascinating and innovative ways in which he transforms raw materials into unique and extraordinary works of art.[/color]


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