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Richard Findlay



Work experiences

  • Graphic Desiner Current

    With Accent Graphics from January 2001 to present.
    Creative Director / Lead designer The company focus is largely print media in the pharmaceutical and medical fields however we offers a full range of design services to meet the needs of small and large companies. We also produce advertising for the liquor industry, apparel (print designs, t-shirt graphics), cosmetics (packaging) and footwear (packaging). Branding for companies in new fields, as well as redeveloping branding for well established products and services. For example: KCI Medical Canada inc Working with Brand Create UK and HCB Health USA in co-ordination with KCI medical Canada to develop and creative marketing strategies. Developing guidelines for various print collateral including business cards, letterheads, in-house forms, literature, sales sheets, flyers, brochures, POP/POS and promotional items. Novartis Inc Working with a team from Convention Services to produce literature for 4-5 yearly events used in education and promotion of various Novartis products. Creating/branding invitations, postcards, pocket folders, booklets and signage. Charton-Hobbs Developing advertising within the limitations of brand guidelines of certain products and having the creative challenge of carte-blanche for others. Creating compelling imagery to promote and differentiate products in a competitive and creative field. Working on countless number of campaigns for over a decade.
  • Freelance Designer Current

    With Richard Findlay from May 1994 to present.
    My freelance work is often more edgy and more creative. Working with clients in extreme sports in branding and photography.
  • Creative

    With NCL Design Inc from August 1997 to December 2000.
    Creative, prepress and production for a small full service design firm. Designed for the pharmaceutical industry and Canada's largest liquor distributors. Designing/branding products on tight deadlines and small budgets.
  • Creative / film output / press assistance / production assistance

    With Many from June 1994 to July 1997.
    Prior experience In print production, film output, file/film imposing, press assistance, photography, photo developing/printing, silk screening, sign making, sewing and woodworking.