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Ric Kasini Kadour




writer, gallerist, and artist.

ART. Kadour primarily creates art as a photographer. After spending his early years painting, then taking an extended hiatus from artmaking, Kadour returned to making art in 2000 as a photographer interested in exploring light, color, and abstraction. You can see this work primarily on his website: www.rickasinikadour.com

WRITING. Kadour is the former Vermont editor of Art New England and co-author of the Vermont Art Guide. He currently serves as the editor of Art Map Burlington. His writing has appeared in a number of publications including Vermont Magazine, Seven Days, Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, and Salt Lake Metro, and others. His poetry has appeared in publications such as Green Mountain Review, Limestone Circle, Bay Windows, Catalyst, and Taproot. In 2005, he released the chapbook of the poem/essay, “How to Price Your Art?”Kadour has contributed writing for a number of books and catalogs; most recently: Lois Eby: From Landscape to Jazz (Galerie Maison Kasini, 2010); Luis London: Reprecussions (Galerie Maison Kasini, 2010); Charles Orme: Icarus & Putto (Galerie Maison Kasini, 2010); Carl David Ruttan: Torn Passages (Galerie Maison Kasini, 2010); Helen Shulman: A Catalog of Recent Paintings (West Branch Gallery, 2009); Craig Mooney: Works on Canvas (West Branch Gallery, 2009); Photographic Suburbia: Ciaran Brennan (Kasini House Books, 2008); “Ethan Murrow’s America” in Ethan Murrow (Obsolete Gallery, 2008); introductory essay in John Matusz: Recent Work (West Branch Gallery, 2007) and “The Epic Journey: Paintings of Giovanna Cecchetti” in Giovanna Cecchetti (West Branch Gallery, 2007).

GALLERIST. Kadour is the director of Maison Kasini Canada, an art gallery and book publisher in Montreal, Quebec and Kasini House, Inc, a creative production company and publisher in Burlington, Vermont. He has curated dozens of exhibitions, given a number of talks on contemporary art and the business of art, and oversaw the editorial development of over a dozen books. He also works as a consultant and adviser to corporate and private art collections and artist estates.