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Scott Andrew Hutchins




Writing, editing, and proofreading, fiction, non-fiction, drama (stage, film, television), correspondence, research (Internet and library), cliché avoidance, fact checking, grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and overall presentation. Following the Modern Language Association Style Manual or Chicago Manual of Style, as directed. Linguistic and etymological abilities, literacy in French and Latin, and passing knowledge of other languages and writing systems.

Film, television, and theatre production, creatively writing, producing, and editing video for student, television, and live theatrical productions. Organizing and directing crew and talent. Shooting with video and film cameras. Conferring with producers on content and adaptation of verbally delivered stories. Expertise in film theory, history, aesthetics, international styles, and sociology. Editing using Final Cut Pro, linear, and flatbed film editors. Music literacy and working with composers, conductors, and musicians. Assisting in the creation of sets and acquisition of properties.
Project management, diligent planner and catalyst for multiple projects at a time. Supervising lower-level employees. Completing projects within the deadline without sacrificing quality.

Teaching and training, elementary age through adult; assisting writing, grammar, punctuation, style, and cohesion of ideas. Aiding beginning writers in finding their own voice. Contrasting the nuances of English with the writer’s native tongue. Guiding reading comprehension.