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Morel Steve




I'm a french motion addict ^^. I'm 23.
I'm started as self taugh in july of 2003, and began as a professional in april of 2007.

I worked in two company since 2007, and partipated on project like banner campain, rich interactive website, flash animation, montage video, motion design, 3D animation.

If you want to see some example of my works, you can take a look on my portfolio here : www.stevemorel.com


Spoken languages
French, english (school level), learning japanese.
Written languages
French, english.
BAC STI Electronic.
Self taugh in CG art since 2003.
Tech skills
photoshop, After Effects, flash animation
Specialized equipment
Dual screen 24, windows vista 64b, a good computer ^^, CS4, C4D, Live.
Jens Karlson, Nick Vegas, Andrew Kramer, 2advanced, Northkingdom