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Martin Bennett




I've recorded all genres of music as well as vocal narrations for corporate video.

I compose electronic dance music, chill out, ambient and full on, and have had my music in trailers and documentaries. Interested in film scores and I also perform live at events with my laptop.

Work experiences

  • Music producer / composer Current

    With Studio Loco in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    I compose electronic music and enjoy mixing it with world samples and grooves to add a mystical side to my compositions. <br><br><br><br> I released my first CD in 2006 and won Trip Hop Artists of the year by the LA Music Awards. My music also featured in the cinematic trailer of the CBC mini series 'Heroes', and also in travel documentaries.<br><br><br><br><br> I have released 8 CD's of various tempos, and also perform live on my laptop under the name of 'Xnorophis'.<br><br><br><br><br> I can compose music that has been described as cosmic and hypnotic, and am venturing into film scores as I feel this is where my music belongs.<br>


Spoken languages
english & french
Written languages
Shpongle and Hans Zimmer