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Susan Porter




[color=rgb(143, 143, 143)]People’s Choice Award Winner at Montreal’s AvenueArt’s Brush off Competition 2010[/color]
Accepted for the Juried 2011 Art Sales and RentalCollection at Stewart Hall, Pointe Claire QC
Accepted for the Hudson & Region Studio Tour 2011

[color=rgb(125, 125, 125)]Since her childhood, Susan has always been creative. She trainedas a Chef where she found that the art is found as much on the palate as in theeye. Her children gave her the opportunity to try many different creativeprojects.[/color] Susanattended watercolor classes with Shernya Vininsky-Krause, Rigaud QC where shewas taught the principals of this difficult medium, inspiring her to paintdaily, in particular her beloved florals.
Susanis a huge fan of Georgia O’Keeffe, which led her to paint in a much largermacro style. This gave Susan the opportunity to push her artistic boundariesinto taking up acrylics. She attended classes with Sonia Haberstich, Hudson, QCand more recently with Momoko Allard at the Montreal Visual Arts Centre, bothof whom have helped Susan develop her own style in this medium.
Asan artist Susan is constantly learning and wanting to grow, for example of lateSusan has painted a few portraits, which has made her test her boundaries andgiven her much enjoyment.
Susan is often heard to say that she finds an inner peace when paintingand feels fully contented with a paintbrush in her hand.


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