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Suzanne Gohier




Graphic designer • Illustrator • interactive designer
I have been well established in various artisticprojects for 16 years; my work consists in conceiving poster graphics, logos,leaflets, catalogues, books, packages, animations, websites, etc. 
Personal aptitudes
My work fascinates me and allows me to deepen andwiden continually my activity field. My aptitude to create illustrations is an additional very useful trumpin the realization of the mandates given to me. 
My principal asset is to understand each project’s aimsand objectives, so they can be done efficiently. I am talented, while workingquickly. 
I invite you to peek at my portfolio, accessible to the hyperlinkbelow !
Have a good visit !  


Spoken languages
French and English
Written languages
French and English
AEC Graphic Designer
Tech skills
Graphic Designer
Specialized equipment
Mac OS CS4-5
The design creation