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After several years of training, Fariba B. is discovered by Carlo Allacchi in his play,HE/SHE. She travels back and forth from Montreal to New York city for various independant projects for the New-York Film Academy, which enables her to play different characters.
But it's in "Reste avec Moi", where is she made her film debute, playing Fatima, a women who faces difficulties with great courage and deternination. She supports her husband and tries to bring her children to Canada.


Represented by
Claire Ledoux/ info@agenceclaireledoux.com
Actra/ Uda App.
Spoken languages
English, French, Farsi
Written languages
English, French
Meisner, 22 cours- Jacqueline McClintock
Intro- Danielle Fichaud
Imrov-Les ateliers de Danielle Fichaud
Analyse de scène-Tom Todoroff
Scène & Camera-Jean-Pierre Bergeron
Scène & Camera - Chip Chipka & Dean Fleming
Voix – Christine Maisonneuve
Laban - Liz Valdez
Journalism, animatrice, Dj – Robert Viro, The Montreal Radio School
Tech skills
Danse – Belly dancing, salsa (basic), modern (basic)
My friends are a great inspiration to me.