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Tanya Beatty




My Dad always called me the son he never had.. and I have 2 brothers! I'm an actor, dancer and singer and am looking for work and collaborations! I'm very athletic, a tomboy, but still am feminine and am a dancer! One of my nick names is The Energizer Bunny because even on a few hours of sleep I still am high energy! People always ask me where I get my energy from... I don't know! It's all natural :) and I love to laugh! Expressing deep emotion comes natural to me. My dream roles are complex, deep characters like Meryl Streep's character in "Sophie's Choice" or tough, independent characters like Lara Croft.In addition to acting and dancing, I also sing, paint, draw and sculpt :)


Spoken languages
English, tourist German & Italian
Written languages
English, tourist German & Italiain
The Acting Center, Hollywood, Ca
The Edge Dance Center, Hollywood, Ca
BA Dance, Florida International University
BA Linguistics, University of Florida
MA Mass Communications, University of Florida
Tech skills
Jazz, Acting, Dance (hip hop, Ballet, ballroom, swing, salsa), Singing (alto)
U2, Led Zeppelin, Monty Python, SCTV, Carol Burnett, Alice in Chains...