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Tara Dickman




Experience: On a grassroots level, working with underprivileged youths from french suburbs through theater and international projects in Spain, Cuba and the USA (6 years within a grassroots organization). Academically speaking, working on issues related to suburban youths in France (economic and spatial integration, discrimination, police-youth relationship and prison); using comparative research to evaluate policies and proposals. Recent experience: Setting up seminars, conferences and workshops on various levels (local to international) designed to raise awareness about issues faced by various types of minorities in France, and to facilitate a thought process leading to their better social and economic integration in a given environment. Using a historical, comparative and action-oriented perspective. Goal: Working on improving anti-discrimination policies and/or laws, building bridges between decision-makers and the grassroots level, raising awareness about Human Rights concerns in France, particulary with regard to inmates, undocumented workers and the case of the Rroma. Specific focus: youths from underprivileged suburbs.