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Karen Vanderborght




Trained as a film director, I worked as a technical director for art galleries and multimedia festivals and as event programmer (electronic music concerts, audiovisual performances) and lived even more at night while playing as a DJ. Now, returning back to my first love, film and video production, my artsy background gives me a colorful and multifaceted joker in my cultural back pocket to come up with IDEAS that make a difference.

GENRE: Fiction, Documentary, Corporate, Commercial, Visual Arts.
Or any other hybrid genre mix or maybe we can invent a new one together.

As a DOP and CAMERA OPERATOR I have worked with different sorts of equipment, from Betacam, to HD camera's, dslr to super-8 and 16mm (Canon, Panasonic, Sony). Have my own dslr HD rig (Lumix GH1).
I sometimes go about as a camera assistant because I am never to old to learn from more experienced people.

As an EDITOR I work with Final Cut Pro, Color, Motion, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Avid. Besides editing I enjoy doing some motion and title design.

As a DIRECTOR I have done corporate video's and I have a career as an independent filmmaker of experimental shorts.

WEB - I have used it professionally since 1990. Made websites in HTML and CSS.


Spoken languages
English, French, German, Dutch
Written languages
English, French, Dutch
1991-1995 Film/Video/Television. Graduated with distinction as master in audio-visual arts. First price of the experimental/free expression class at Higher St. Luke Institute for Visual Arts, Brussels, BE.
+++ 2004 Interactive Programming with Pure Data/GEM. Scripting interactivity, with analogue and digital sensors, video projection and sound interaction at Parc-Vidéographe, Montréal (Qc.).
+++ 2006 DVD Studio Pro project development and programming.
At Agence Topo and Vidéographe, Montréal (Qc.).
+++ 2008 Avid Nitris Symphony HD; Editing, Effects and Color Correction at PRIM Centre, Montreal.
Tech skills
Editing, Photography, Motion and Title Design, HTML coding
Specialized equipment
Editing suite (Apple, Final Cut Studio, Adobe, Avid Xpress) DSLR Rig (Lumix GH1, lenses, shoulder rig, tripod) Sound Recorder (Zoom H4n)