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Michael Vincent Manalo




Michael Vincent Manalo is adigital mixed media artist born in the Philippines on 1986 to parents who bothhave different blood lines: His father being having his roots from the US andhis mother having her roots from Spain.
He creates his art throughmerging ideas that have been captured within his mind with scenes that havebeen captured by his hand to create the living space that his subconscioustries to convey.
"Creating my artworksthrough my chosen medium was brought about by my frustration in the traditionalprocess of painting, which as a result has given me even more possibilities torecreate the visceral levels contained within the vast assemblage of myspirit." Michael explains. He started drawing at the age of 3, slowlyadvancing his technique by utilizing several mediums, like pencils, charcoal,pastels until he started painting which unfortunately led him to frustration.At the age of 21, however, he received his first camera which in turn gave himanother way to communicate through his subconscious. A few months afterexperimenting with his camera, he then taught himself the art ofphoto-manipulation and within another month's time, he began combiningphotographs and digital paint with the vast concepts and emotions he has withinhimself.

With a degree in the field ofhealthcare, and from the three blue-collar jobs he has partaken in, Michaelstarted merging his life experiences and applied it on his canvas.
In the start of 2010, he began tofocus on his professional career as an artist. Submitting and having his workspublished through international magazines and e-zines while simultaneously,creating photo-manipulation tutorials on the web, through the popular Photoshoptutorial website: Photoshop Tutorials where he is a primary contributor.
At present, he had his worksexhibited in the American University Museum in Washington D.C., and in the ArtDimensions Gallery in Missouri, USA. His works were also showcased in anInternational Art Fair in the Philippines called Manilart through theKulay-Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art where he also had his firstsolo exhibit last August 2010. He is included as well in the 2010 ChiancianoInternational Award for Digital and Photographic Art which was held at the ArtMuseum of Chianciano Terme in Italy where he landed the First Prize in theDigital Art category. With that award, some of his selected works are now partof the collection of the prestigious Gagliardi Gallery in London.


Represented by
Roberto Nolasco, Rainer Kalwitz
Spoken languages
English, Filipino
Written languages
English, Filipino
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Self-taught in the Photography medium, Adobe Photoshop processes, Photo-manipulation and Graphic Design Processes.
Tech skills
Adobe Photoshop CS2-4, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2-3
Specialized equipment
Canon EOS 300d, Canon 18-55mm lens, Canon 75-300mm lens, Adobe Photoshop CS2-4, Polarizing Filter, ND Filter, Tripod
People, Sentimental Emotions, Nostalgic Feelings, Science Fiction themes, Medieval Fantasy themes, Weird Dreams