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Tyler Hyde





After 6 years of working in the arts as both a visual artist and as an arts educator, and having recently obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University, I strongly believe that art is better served out in the community. Making art accessible and engaging is intrinsic to establishing our society and our culture. Art generates thought, flourishes creativity, and can engage with people of all ages. I feel that it is my duty (and my desire!) to reach out to my community and to get involved in making art a more integral part of our day to day lives. Our towns and cities should not only house art galleries but should be art galleries! 

The integration of art into our everyday lives can be achieved through educational workshops, tours, cultural projects, and with partaking in community events. I have years of experience working with these types of programs—as an assistant, volunteer, organizer and instructor—and am always looking for more ways to get involved as my life goal is to be able to engage with others through artistic expression, education, and creativity.

 Specialties: Art, Art History, Drawing, Filmmaking, Multimedia, Painting, Production Design, Public Speaking, Research, Teaching, Video, Writing

Work experiences

  • Student Assistant

    With NSCAD University from January 2012 to September 2012.
    The Student Assistant position involved working within the NSCAD University Copy Centre. There we would administer keys, offer photocopying and faxing services, deliver and receive mail, as well as maintaining and transferring all incoming calls to the University. The Student Assistant was often left to serve students, faculty, and customers while maintaining regular office duties such as cleaning the machines and delivering packages and parcels to various departments and to the Art Supply Store.
  • Hired Artist

    With Art Gallery of Nova Scotia from June 2009 to August 2012.
    At the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia a hired artist works closely with the Education staff and other collaborators to develop appropriate art activities. The artist/artists are then responsible for the organization and operation of the agreed upon activities through public workshops hosted by the gallery. Many of the workshops would coincide with various gallery events, as well as with a multitude of community groups and causes. Many of the workshops were open to people of all ages, but some were tailored specifically towards certain age groups, ranging from children to seniors. The lengths of the workshops varied. Some ran for single a several hours, while others ran for a few days to an entire week. The workshops often tackled different types of materials and media, which meant that the hired artist would need to have a vast understanding of various art disciplines.
  • Volunteer Tour Guide and Docent

    With Art Gallery of Nova Scotia from September 2008 to September 2012.
    The Gallery Guides at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia are a collective group of individuals whom are passionate about art and share a want to learn about artists and their work as well as local, national and international art histories. The group would attend weekly meetings that would consist of both business and educational discussions and activities in preparation for upcoming exhibits and events within the gallery. Outside of the weekly meetings guides would volunteer their time to conduct both daily public tours as well as organized group tours. The Docent Program, although separate from the Gallery Guides, functioned similarly but with a direct focus of public school tours with the addition of studio workshops and activities.
  • Education Student Assistant

    From July 2009 to January 2010.
    The Education Student Assistant position involved working closely with both the Curator of Education and the Assistant Curator of Education while, on occasion, working with various other gallery employees. The duties of the Student Assistant varied, depending on what was happening in the gallery. Often times the Student Assistant would manage and act as a guide for many private and public tour groups, a and during various gallery events and openings, the Student Assistant would often be asked to partake as an on the floor guide—answering any questions guests may have about the gallery or the artwork itself. Another ongoing duty of the Student Assistant was to organize hundreds of written articles—from journals and magazines to catalogues and miscellaneous publications—into folders based on relevance to art and subject matter. The workshop studios were also maintained and organized by the Student Assistant, and during summer classes the Student Assistant would ensure that all the proper materials and paperwork were available for the different instructors at the beginning of each class.
  • Youth Arts Council of Nova Scota

    From June 2006 to October 2008.
    In collaboration with the ArtReach program the Youth Arts Council was a motivated committee of high school students whom were passionate about the arts. Each member represented a different region of the province and would collectively meet at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to discuss and implement strategies to make arts in the public schools more accessible and inclusive.


Spoken languages
Written languages
NSCAD University, Class of 2012, Interdisciplinary
Tech skills
Art, Art History, Drawing, Filmmaking, Multimedia, Painting, Production Design, Public Speaking, Research, Teaching, Video, Writing
Specialized equipment
Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Basic HTML