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Vince Krochak





Hello!! My name is Vince Krochak and I love to shoot!! I have worked in the film industry for more than 15 years on more than 40 feature films and numerous commercials and non union productions. I love to work with other artists and hope that this site will help me share my talents as well as work on some new collaborations!  


former 2nd AC with IASTE 669
Spoken languages
Written languages
Film Camera Training Course, British Columbia Institute of Film Professionals 2003
Propane Handling, Film Training Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB 2001
Road Flagman, Film Training Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB 2001
WHMIS, Film Training Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB 2002
Tech skills
• Have worked on 30+ feature films, as well as numerous commercials and indie productions • Familiar with principles of film, television or video production equipment and maintenance • Know the difference between various cables, tape and card formats, lenses, etc. • Able to use and maintain production equipment: re-charge batteries, roll cables, set up lights, change / clean camera lenses, etc. • Marking and operating the slate or clapper-board properly • Marking actors and props • Familiar with different elements that make up final productions in marketing, such as interviews, background footage, product shots, etc. and how they can be captured • Able to manage details in the editing room including digitizing the footage into the editing system, tracking that every shot is accounted for, and handling basic technicalities • Some post-production experience, including picture editing, music scoring, audio editing and mixing
Specialized equipment
I have worked with just about every format camera from 8mm to the Red One
Mother Earth and anyone else who likes to create