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Veronika von Volkova




My images explore both structure and transition. I am interested in the shaping of public spaces as revealed during the empty hours when they are devoid of people. My images of parks and public walkways taken during the silent hour of 4am allow me to see details that otherwise would be hidden from me during crowded daytime moments. Similarly, my portraits focus primarily on a single figure, and treat the subject like architecture – revealing the body as a structure. I also combine these two aspects by transposing self portraits or portraits of others onto previously empty spaces as a way of representing dream, memory or fantasy - a joining of physical and mental space, or a representation of the transitioning between them. A merging of where I am physically and where I am emotionally through image. Metamorphosis.

I create images using a variety of techniques including long exposure photographs taken very late at night; shooting through materials such as glass, medical gauze or fabric; and a form of digital collage where I combine my own photographs into new images using tools like Photoshop.