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Frere Raison


Frère raison (Brother Reason) focuses on a period of Marc André’s life after having lost his close friend, Jean Luc, who dies on a construction site. After the accident, when the rescue team fails to find Jean Luc's head, Marc André, who is already questioning his work, becomes fixated on the accident while driving home to Shippagan, New Brunswick. The film will be an experiment with narration, primarily using texture and pace to represent the characters' states of mind.  The running time will be eighty minutes. 

Recent News

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    Crowd funding


    Frère raison is a collaboration between professionals, newcomers, film production students and graduates.  The project was born of a dual desire to tell a story, and as a medium for the team to push beyond the short film format.

    The director, Omar Elhamy has worked internationally in Egypt, France and Canada. His work in the film industry highlights his resourcefulness. In 2012, Elhamy co-founded an experimental free film festival, EcransMed-screenings from the Mediterranean. Through this experience, he developed a stable network of connections and supporters for his projects, including distribution for his short film Aquarium. Drawing on these connections, and developing others, Frère Raison is establishing a diverse funding approach including grants, partnerships and co-production relationships. This, in addition to your support, and a team of people willing to volunteer their time and expertise, will help offset the cost of a full length film. Our budget of $15,000 is a modest amount which will cover the most basic costs of equipment rental, travel to New Brunswick, food for our team, incidentals, insurance, set design and location permits and rentals. Nothing will be wasted. If we receive more than the requested amount, rest assured the money will all go towards production costs. As with all campaigns, we have developed a list of perks for contributors, but the primary benefit to you as donors will hopefully be the final project - a unique and beautiful feature length film. Please see the 'gallery 1' tab for an explanatory graph outlining the break down of our budget.