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Suaangan - Our Strength


I directed, shot and edited sixteen 24 minute episodes for the documentary series 'Suaangan - Our Strength' for APTN.
Here are a few examples:

'Something Comes Out Of Chaos'
As the residential school compensation payments are given out, three former students reflect on their experiences and the meaning of the payments for their own journey of healing.

Saving the Three River Watershed
Fighting to save the land of their ancestors takes a student group from a remote Arctic village on the adventure of a lifetime: All the way to Dresden, Germany.

'Melting Away'
Banks Island’s ecosystem is changing rapidly due to climate change. Local people are extremely concerned as they see their livelihood disappear before their eyes.

Shingle Point
Shingle Point is an ancient whaling camp on the edge of the Beaufort Sea where Inuvialuit gather for hunting, fishing and summer entertainment. This year, after a respected Elder passed away the previous winter, the gathering has a special importance.